Support for Single Mothers, Coins for Change, Hanoi, Vietnam

ISWS is proud to support a Micro-business project for a group of single mothers in Hanoi, Vietnam, as part of the Coins for Change nonprofit organization and partner to ISWS. This progrm which is administered and managed by Kelly Dundon, MSW, an ISWS volunteer, consisits of a specialty food delivery service, owned and operated by Vietnamese single mother entrepreneurs. Each woman who is supported by the ISWS micro-business loan, will operate and serve their own client base. Coins for Change will host special information sessions focusing on business skills, including marketing, strategy, accounting and how to start a small business. The women support each other to help each one expand their reach, perfect their recipes, packaging and marketing while also being there for each other emotionally, encouraging success.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic shut down the country, many families have lost jobs and have struggled to make ends meet. As essential workers, these woman can deliver food to families in the communities who are unable to leave their homes; a service benefitting all involved.