Dana Alonzo, PhD, Marciana Popescu, PhD, and Zoe Reyes, MSW found a very receptive audience for their teacher and staff training at two high schools in Guatemala.  Topics such as adolescent development, suicide awareness, leadership skills and resilience in teens and adults were addressed.  Many other relevant discussions between the ISWS volunteers and their Guatemalan participants lead to the conclusion of  the development of community alliances to provide teens with “safe spaces” and continue to
Congratulations to Dr. Marciana Popescu, Dr. Dana Alonzo, and Zoe Reyes, MSW for becoming the latest ISWS recipients! They leave for Peronia, Guatemala on November 3, 2018 for a week-long training benefitting the teachers and staff of the local high school. The training will include topics such as adolescent development, learning styles, self-esteem, suicide awareness, leadership, and the development of resilience in both students and teachers. We wish them well and are excited to hear
Dana Alonzo, Marciana Popescu, and Zoe Reyes, ISWS recipients are spending the week Nov.5-9, 2018 with the teachers and staff of the local high school in Peronia, Guatemala.  An array of subjects are being discussed such as suicide awareness, adolescent development, and adult/student leadership to name a few.  A successful week so far!
Pictured: (from left to right) Heather Rafey, Carol Curtin, Melissa Ryan, Thea Bader, Susan Olivo, and Nancy Karp, the Board of Directors of ISWS.  A wonderful event at VINOvations in Sharon, MA on Saturday, November 3, 2018, learning about the ISWS mission, projects and hearing from our past recipients, Hannah Taverna, MSW and Maggie Fenwood.  Wonderful silent auction items offered.  One attendee said, “it was a fun night, informative and moving.”
Words of Gratitude from ISWS social work recipient, Hannah Taverna: “I can’t begin to thank you enough for having me be a part of such an incredible trip.  Traveling to Guatemala was such an invaluable experience and I learned so much from those we interviewed, HRI staff, Stacey, and you!  I will always remember the strength and resilience of the human condition which we were able to witness.” “Thank you for having the courage to
The team of Stacey S. and Hannah T. just returned back to the US after two weeks in Guatemala City.  ISWS partnered with Hunger Relief International (HRI), a US based NGO doing work in Guatemala, who are interested in understanding more about the population of children, teens and families in the slum community of El Limon.  The goal is to design excellent and relevant programming for this population.  Stacey and Hannah spent two weeks interviewing

Guatemala City Project, April 2018

Posted on February 9, 2018

Two new ISWS recipients, Stacey Schamber, MSW and Hannah Taverna, MSW are hard at work in preparation for a volunteer project to Guatemala City in April, 2018.   ISWS is collaborating with an organization called Hunger Relief International (HRI) who run various programs in Guatemala and Haiti. Since 2011, HRI has been partnering with rural communities in the Department of Santa Rosa, Guatemala to improve reliable access to nutritious food, clean water, sanitation, educational opportunities

ISWS Success in Uganda

Posted on December 15, 2017

Marjorie’s Fund, Co-Founder, Dr. Jason Baker, stated “We were thrilled the project with International Social Work Solutions, Inc went so successfully. The ISWS social worker impressions and data of our patient population has been very valuable to the continued growth of our Ugandan program.”   November 2017

Type 1 Diabetes in Kasese, Uganda

Posted on December 5, 2017

ISWS social worker recipient, Maggie Fenwood, just returned from Kasese, Uganda having recently completed an incredibly successful project there. As you know, our mission is to provide stipends to trained social workers to engage in global volunteer projects to build local capacity and have a positive impact on struggling communities. Our first project was mission accomplished! Maggie worked with Marjorie’s Fund, a non-governmental agency ((NGO) that serves individuals with Type 1 diabetes in Kasese. Her