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Living with Diabetes

Living with Diabetes

ISWS social work volunteers conducted a community needs assessment of Type 1 diabetes beneficiaries of Marjorie’s Fund in Kasese, Uganda. The results were used to inform future programming.

Social workers in training

Supporting single mothers

ISWS helps finance a new beginning for women in need with the Women’s Entrepreneur Food and Delivery Program in Vietnam.

Covid Cares Call Program

ISWS social work volunteers worked remotely with in-country staff to design an innovative and unique program that responded to a critical need during the COVID-19 pandemic in Guatemala.

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Training Programs

Over the course of 8 months, the ISWS social work team conducted remote trauma training for the staff of a nonprofit organization in the community of Uvira, DRC

Who We Are

ISWS, Inc. is driven by a passion for alleviating suffering through social work values of service, social justice, human dignity, and cultural competence.

ISWS, Inc. empowers vulnerable communities globally with access to qualified social workers.

ISWS has been funding social work volunteers for travel and in-country expenses.

Your support helps ISWS volunteers make a difference in the lives of those in need.

ISWS partners with leading NGOs to solve some of the world's most challenging problems.

Featured Projects

ISWS is involved in a number of projects around the world. Here is a sample of what we have done.

Finder Stick for Diabetes Test
Social Work

Living With Diabetes

ISWS team reports on Type 1 diabetes trends that will inform programming to benefit the patient population in Kasese, Uganda.

Supporting Single Mothers
Social Work

Supporting Single Mothers

An ISWS volunteer teams up with Coins for Change to virtually support highly stigmatized single mothers in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Covid Cares Call Program
Social Work

COVID Cares Call Program

ISWS collaborates with Hunger Relief International staff to examine the consequences of COVID-19 in vulnerable communities.

Our Volunteers

ISWS supports social work volunteers for in-country travel and remote projects.

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