Helping Disadvantaged Mothers
July 2021 –December 2020

International Social Work Solutions, Inc. (ISWS) social work volunteer, Kelly Dundon, MSW teamed up with Coins for Change (C4C), a nonprofit social enterprise that aids disenfranchised single mothers and children throughout Vietnam. Funded by ISWS, the Food and Delivery Service Program (FDS) provided start-up money for 10 single mothers to build their own business and grow their client base, thus creating more income for themselves and their families. As COVID-19 continues, these women aim to create their own self-sustaining businesses that will safeguard their families from under and unemployment concerns.

The funding from ISWS enabled the participants to purchase ingredients and preparation materials, packaging and branding materials, smartphones to take photos, communicate with clients, manage their social media platforms, and market their products. C4C hosts a special female entrepreneurship group that focuses on business skills, including marketing, strategy, accounting, and how to start a small micro-business. The mothers have regular phone and video meetings to share resources and tips, help one another in their business strategies and marketing, and provide a forum for support from other participants.

Ms. Dundon was very involved in the development of the Food and Service Delivery Program and worked remotely by helping get the program off the ground. Ms. Dundon also managed and reported on the day-to-day activities, as well as evaluated the program’s success and challenges.